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At Stomil-Poznań S.A. we feel responsible for the common good, which is the natural environment. Thus, with our regard for the natural surroundings, we try to achieve our developmental aspirations while acting in line with the rule of sustainable development, in a manner that allows us to make the same effort possible for future generations.
In light of the above, we analyse and monitor the environmental aspects and the impact we have on it. We declare that we observe the provisions of the law and other regulations connected with environmental protection that may apply to our operations.
The processes we implement are mainly connected with the use of natural resources. Taking into consideration the profile of our business activity, we try to pursue our goals via:

  • Responsible and premeditated waste management;
  • Minimising of dust emissions to the atmosphere;
  • Rational usage of raw materials for production purposes;
  • Ensuring water pollutants are kept to a minimum.

Therefore, we obligate ourselves to caring for and properly managing these areas of our operations. In order to implement our environmental policy we have introduced an environmental management system based on the requirements of the ISO 14001 standard.
Moreover, we obligate ourselves to constantly improve what we do, to prevent pollution, and to promote and encourage eco-friendly behaviour among the staff of Stomil-Poznań S.A. We also include our suppliers and business partners in our policy. Our staff monitor the level of the environmental goals we implement and actively engage in creating the environmental policy at Stomil-Poznań S.A.


President of The Board: Sławomir Raniszewski


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