Rubber-metal wheels

We offer a rubber coating service on metal parts delivered by a contracting party. Within our manufacture program there are rubber coated wheels used for, among others, the following vehicles:
  • tanks T-55, T-72, PT-91,
  • armored recovery vehicle WZT-3
  • anti-aircraft artillery set “LOARA”
  • self-propelled howitzer 122 mm 2S1 “Goździk”,
  • self-propelled howitzer 155 mm “KRAB”
  • armored vehicles BWP-1, MTLB
  • lifting truck WW 1,20 and WW 1,25
  • asphalt spreading machine TYTAN 355 V and TYTAN 455
We cooperate in terms of the rubber coated wheels manufacture, up to the 830 mm diameter. Moreover, in our offer you may find complete wheels made of casual rubber, no-stain and oil-resistant. We encourage contacting our Sales Department.
  • Rubber and metal wheels with a ring
  • Rubber and metal wheels with a wheel hub
Solid tyres bonded with hub-wheel
Brake tube 217×64
Solid tyres bonded with ring-whell
Flat clutch tube 355/210×12
Flat clutch tube 300/180×12
Flat clutch tube 170/90×10
Shock absorbers with metal protector type AKSS
Shock absorbers without metal protector type AKSS
Vulcanization membranes for retreading tyres
Vulcanization membranes


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