More than tires…

For us the Stomil brand is about so much more than just tires, it is also the history that we have been co-creating with our customers since 1928.

Stomil is a part of the automotive industry, long engraved in the minds of drivers and machine operators in Poland. The company was established as an initiative financed by Polish capital, and as the first tire production plant in Poland we are proud to have built the foundations of the national tire industry.

A brand with tradition

Despite the numerous changes that have been introduced both in Poland and in our plant, our traditions, which our employees have shaped and cultivated down the years, remain important to us.

Today we are still financed by Polish capital, so by buying our products you are supporting Polish national goods and industry!


95+ years


60 companies in Polish Armored Group


24645 km of kord


753 kg

Our history

We are proud that the Stomil brand has survived 90 years on the market!

1928 1928

Set up of the “Paragum” Wyroby Gumowe Company; change of the name of the Company into the Centralna Poznańska Fabryka Wyrobów Gumowych S.A.

1930 1930

Start up of the bike and car tires manufacture

1931 1931

The Company changed its name into Fabryka Opon Samochodowych i Rowerowych “STOMIL”

1935 1935

Signing of a license contract with the American Tire Company – General Tire and Rubber Company
STOMIL Sports Club
The first concert band in the company

1939-1940 1939-1940

The Company, taken over by Nazis, sold to Continental Gummiwerke AG Hannower and operated under the firm Posener Gummiwerke

1945 1945

Re-activation of the business activity under the firm Poznańskie Zakłady Przemysłu Gumowego Stomil S.A.

1947 1947

Manufacture of the first Polish mold for tires manufacture

1956 1956

Construction of the office building at Starołęcka Street

1961 1961

Acquisition of the Regeneration Factory in Bolechów

1964 1964

Central Laboratory for Tires

1965 1965

Reveal of the monument devoted to the memory of the Stomilowcy (Stomil Company’s employees), who died during the Second Word War

1970 1970

Name change into the Poznańskie Zakłady Opon Samochodowych “Stomil”

1972 1972

A fire in the mixture warehouse and a part of a rolling mill

1984 1984

Commissioning of the first object (research center for air-vehicles tires) in a new plant in Karolina

1992 1992

Conversion of the Company into the joint stock company (Stomil-Poznań S.A.)

1998 1998

ISO 9001 Certificate

2002 2002

AQAP 2002 Certificate

2008 2008

Honorable mention during The Second Rubber Sector Industry Fairs TOPGUM 2008 for a modern presentation

2009 2009

Gazela Biznesu 2008 Award
The High Quality Certificate


Our goals

We do not abuse the trust given to us. We constantly strive for development.

Poland’s Leader

Maintaining the leadership of the Polish manufacturer of OTR tires for the mining industry.


Introducing new tread patterns and indices to our product portfolio.


Increasing the share of sales in the segment of tires and rubber products in Poland.


Designing new rubber-metal products for the modernization project of the Polish Army.

The company’s values

As a responsible business partner and conscious employer we focus on the values set forth below:


We are advisors to our Customers and Business Partners, providing them with support at every stage of processing our transactions, both during adjustment of tires and during their use. We continue to develop our long-term partnership strategy based on reliability and trust, with the aim of increasing sales volume and turnover growth. We support our Partners’ successes, each of which we perceive as our mutual achievement.


We are a reliable employer who takes care of the employees’ development by continuing to improve their skills. We care to ensure safety at work, minimise risks, and focus on the optimisation of processes so that the work performed is both effective and comfortable. We ensure stable and transparent terms and conditions based on employment contracts. Therefore, we build the loyalty and commitment of our employees, which is reflected in their long-term employment with us.

Quality and safety

The products we have delivered over the last 85 years have won the acclaim of our customers for their unquestionable reliability. Ensuring the highest level of quality and safety for the users are the fundamental rules governing our design ethos. We continue to minimise threats and to improve the work safety of drivers and machine operators.


We feel responsible for the common good, which is the natural environment. Thus, in consideration of our natural surroundings we try to achieve our developmental aspirations while acting in line with the rule of sustainable development, in a manner that allows us to make the same effort possible for future generations. In light of the above, we analyse the environmental aspects and we monitor our environmental impact.

We are proud that we have managed to build an 90-year-plus tradition of manufacturing and trade based on uncompromised integrity and acting in line with the principles of business ethics.

Authorities and status of the company


Danuta Stuczyńska


Supervisory Board

Elżbieta Stepnowska

Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Mateusz Rojewski

Member of the Supervisory Board

Mateusz Nowak

Member of the Supervisory Board

Supervisory Board

Krzysztof Hieronim Wrzesiński

Member of the Supervisory Board

Henryk Dąbrowski

Member of the Supervisory Board

Alicja Jankowska

Secretary of the Supervisory Board



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